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Florence Chiropractor Dr. Charles Corfman

I have always wanted to be a Doctor of Chiropractic!

Dr. Charles Corfman, Florence Chiropractor

Dr. Charles Corfman, Florence Chiropractor

I grew up in a chiropractic family that truly lived the chiropractic lifestyle. If any of us four children had pain from a bicycle accident or just a headache, mom would take us to dad’s office to fix the problem. Most of the time the power of chiropractic would fix our ailments. Although we have always felt like chiropractic was our first response to most of our health concerns, we also understood that sometimes we needed to take a more aggressive approach through other health care means.

I had the pleasure and privilege to grow up with an amazing father who lives his passion in chiropractic. He has been a chiropractic physician for over 40 years. He instilled in me a deep appreciation for the holistic approach to health care. He has always inspired me to follow my passion in life and has always given his children the freedom to choose our own path. We saw the way he was able to help people who truly needed a helping hand with their health. We were able to see our father literally give himself to a profession that gave back to him. He was able to give a part of himself that actually changed the lives of his patients through better health. He is most definitely the reason we grew to appreciate the lifestyle of chiropractic. He loves people and truly cares for their well being. My hope is that I can carry on what he has taught me through his awesome example.


I had the great privilege of attending the oldest chiropractic college in the world, Palmer College of Chiropractic. I was initially interested in attending Parker Chiropractic College in Dallas, Texas. I had even moved to Dallas and lived there for a year. But I knew what a privilege it would be to attend the same college that my father had attended, in Davenport, Iowa, where chiropractic was discovered. At Palmer College of Chiropractic, I was surrounded by the nostalgia and heritage of chiropractic. As I walked the halls where the Developer of Chiropractic walked ( B.J. Palmer) I felt what a privilege it was to be in the place where it all began. I was very surprised to see that one of my father’s teachers, Dr. Schmeidel was going to be teaching me. The education overall was very intense and at times very trying, but I knew that every hurdle I crossed got me closer to the ultimate goal of becoming a doctor of chiropractic (DC).

Family Life

My wife Kim and I have been married for 23 years. We have one living daughter, Carly. Carly was a paternal twin. Her sister Mackenzie passed away at the age of two due to complications of cerebral palsy. Carly attends the tenth grade at Muscle Shoals High School. She enjoys art, hiking, and playing piano and guitar. Kim occasionally works in the clinic, but she is primarily a stay-at-home mom. We have two dogs — Jasmine, a Cairn Terrier and Bella, a “Morky” (half Maltese, half Yorkie).

We are active in our church and the Florence community. I have served as a deacon in the church and recently served as the president of the Florence Civitan Club. I previously served as a delegate to the Alabama State Chiropractic Association for nearly ten years. I also currently serve on the board of directors for the United Cerebral Palsy Center of the Shoals. I enjoy reading books, doing yard work, going to Alabama football games and occasionally playing golf.

Health Care

Dr Charles running.

Dr Charles running.

Chiropractic care is foremost in my family’s own approach to health care. We regularly get our spines adjusted to help prevent a break down in our body’s ability to fight disease. We understand that if our bodies are working at optimal levels due to increased nerve function then we will be much healthier overall. I am a member of a local gym and I enjoy a good workout. I also enjoy bicycle riding and jogging to increase circulation. We believe in a holistic approach to our health care and expect no less for our patients.

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